The Craftsmanship

Every single Wesker flacon is expertly handcrafted by our artisans, with utmost care and precision. Crafted as sculptures that embody our extraordinary perfumes, their liquid-like ceramic surface is marbled in vivid colors and delicately embraced by fine gold leaves. They reflect the very essence of the perfume inside them, like a soul that’s been frozen in time eternally. Through this exceptional process of creation, every flacon becomes a unique piece of art. None is like the other, making every single one a real collector’s piece.

Our Perfumes

Our precious perfumes are crafted as living souls, with a profound and unmistakable character of their own. They become faithful accomplices, establishing a symbiotic relationship with the wearer. The complexity and depth of their character result from a fusion of several hundred finest natural raw materials and fragrant molecules, that are carefully selected and blended with highest excellence by our in-house perfumers, in order to give you a truly extraordinary and unforgettable fragrant experience.

The noble art of high perfumery requires the finest and most valuable raw materials in their purest form. To ensure the supreme quality of our natural ingredients, we source them from all around the world and choose only the best that nature has given us. By using our proprietary blending technique, we are able to transcend the natural boundaries and unleash the full potential of these highly sophisticated natural materials. This makes the creation of our remarkable and genuinely unique perfumes possible.